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Symantec Information Protection

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ATP: Endpoint ATP: Network ATP: Email
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Track and secure your confidential data in motion, at rest, and in use

Track and secure your confidential data in motion, at rest, and in use

Knowing where all your sensitive documents, spreadsheets, and other proprietary information lives, and making sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, is the first step towards keeping it safe.

Data Loss Prevention lets you discover, monitor, and protect your confidential information wherever it’s stored and however it’s used – on mobile devices, within your data centers, or in the cloud.


Encrypt your data in case it falls into the wrong hands

Encrypt your data to safeguard it against loss and ensure regulatory compliance.

Symantec’s encryption portfolio includes full-disk and removable media encryption for endpoints, email encryption to secure sensitive communications, and file share encryption to protect files on shared network drives and in the cloud.

Encrypt your data in case it falls into the wrong hands
Give access only to users who need it

Give access only to users who need it

Ensure the right people, and only the right people, are accessing your critical cloud-based content and services.

VIP Access Manager integrates Single Sign-on (SSO) with strong authentication, access control, and user management so that you can control and audit who accesses your internal and 3rd-party cloud-based applications.

Easily manage your digital certificates

Organizations today increasingly conduct business electronically, often from mobile devices. In this environment it is critical to authenticate users, restrict access to confidential information, and verify the integrity and origin of sensitive documents and emails from all devices.

Managed PKI Service is a cloud-based offering that allows you to issue your own digital certificates to power strong authentication, email encryption, and digital signing of applications and documents.

Strong authentication made easy

Rapid and reliable ID proofing with strict compliance

Enable government agencies, health care providers, and any relying website to create trusted identities in a user-friendly, compliant, and cost effective way.

Norton Secure Login is a cloud-based ID proofing solution that includes two-factor authentication and user management support. Employed today by over fifty million users to log in securely while protecting their sensitive personal data.

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